March 15, 2018: Neilly’s Neighbourhood; Springtime challenges.

March 15, 2018: Neilly’s Neighbourhood;
Springtime challenges.

By Dawn Neilly, OPS.

February is long gone and March is showing signs of spring. Barring any unexpected weather events, roads are clear, days are longer and there’s a real incentive to come out of hibernation and be more active.

Maybe you’ve resumed activities that were put on hold because of winter, like jogging, bicycle riding or just walking more. Or maybe, if you’re driving, you’re inclined to put your foot down a bit harder on the gas pedal to take advantage of those clear roads. My advice: don’t do it. Resist the temptation.

Some of you may know that every month the Ottawa Police Service traffic enforcement officers focus on a specific infraction or two, not just to write tickets, but to draw attention to the need for safer driving habits, including not speeding.

The selected infractions are posted at the beginning of every month and this information is available on the Ottawa Police web site at or you can sign up to receive a Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin which includes this information and more about staying safe. Just send an email to asking to be added to the list.

The approach of spring is certainly reason to celebrate, but if the improving weather isn’t enough of a reason to hold a party, I see that we’re just about to hit St. Patrick’s Day, a long-standing invitation to party hearty.

Go ahead. Enjoy yourself. Just don’t spoil the party by drinking and driving, a potentially deadly combination. Do yourself and your friends and colleagues a favour by offering to be a designated driver. Drink close to home. Use public transit. Anything but drinking and driving.

Enjoy the spring. Have a happy, fun St. Patrick’s Day and a great March 18!
Photo Caption: Cst Neilly appreciates a celebration and suggests moderation and caution to ensure a safe, happy party with a cheerful day after. Photo by T. Hairbac.

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