April 26, 2018: Change is Growth; A note from Newswest’s editor.

April 26, 2018: Change is Growth;
A note from Newswest’s editor.

By Tim Thibeault, editor@newswest.org .

Recent changes in the landscape of print journalism in Ottawa have closed many community newspapers and caused others to adapt quickly. Newswest is proud of our 40 year history and particularly proud of our last fourteen years as the volunteer community “paper within a paper,” in partnership with Kitchissippi Times.

We congratulate the Kitchissippi Times team for skillful way they have met the challenges required to continue serving our community.

This is our inaugural print edition within the newly formatted KT. The size is new, the look is new, the delivery system (Canada Post) is new, but the focus is the same… reporting on the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of issues and events relevant to our Kitchissippi families, friends and neighbours.

We are also broadening our online presence. On our web sites, newswest.org and newswestblog.wordpress.com, readers will find all of our regular articles plus a growing number of exclusive “Web Extras.”

Let us know your thoughts. We listen carefully because we know that feedback is what holds communities together and keeps good things growing.

The gold KT distribution box on the corner will remain a reliable source of both The Kitchissippi Times and Newswest, as always.

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