April 26, 2018: Great News for Hampton-Iona; TD Parks grant inspires new projects (June 2-16, and beyond).

April 26, 2018: Great News for Hampton-Iona;
TD Parks grant inspires new projects (June 2-16, and beyond).

By Eileen Hun.

Hampton-Iona Community Group (HICG) is excited to announce that it has been awarded a Grant for $2000.00 from a project called “TD Parks People”, initiated to help make community events happen in parks.

Eleven grants were to be awarded to each of five cities, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. The program is sponsored by TD Canada Trust.

Our submission had to include three events happening between April and December 2018. All events had to be at no cost to participants.

Our first event will be a “Tire Recycling Planter Project”, a team building effort to span three generations of participants taking place in Iona Park between June 2nd and June 16th.

Under the guidance of professional artist Claudia Salguero, we will be creating a number of flower planters from recycled tires over five sessions. Each session will last for 3 hours and will build on the work done at the previous session.

Our “new” tire planters will then be filled with flowers and the planters will last for years, lending color and art to the park. We need teams of 10 participants for each session.

Following events will be “Fun and Games in the Park” in mid-summer, and in the fall, a Guided Nature walk through Hampton and Iona Parks. Details of these events will follow.

Photo Caption: Among projects sponsored by a TD Canada Trust Grant, the Tire Recycling Planter Project offers colour and growth by re-purposing old tires. Photo courtesy of HIC.


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