June 28, 2018: Neilly’s Neighbourhood; Summertime fun time.

June 28, 2018: Neilly’s Neighbourhood;
Summertime fun time.

By Cst Dawn Neilly, OPS.

It’s “summertime and the livin’ is easy” as the song has it. I hope that’s the case for everyone. Who doesn’t appreciate the chance to enjoy the good weather – by the pool, in the park, at the beach…?

Kids, of course, are out of school with the whole summer to take advantage of the outdoors, all day, every day. This is the season to pay extra special attention when you’re on your bike or driving. There are definitely more pedestrians and bike riders, including young, energetic ones, out and about. Be especially vigilant at crosswalks and wherever new, inexperienced bike riders might be found.

Pools and beaches provide their own hazards. Rule of thumb: never take your eyes off your kids when they’re in the water, not even for a second. And if your kids are going to spend any time at all near water, it would be a good idea if they knew how to swim. Keep flotation devices handy and life jackets are mandatory in a boat. Check out the Ottawa Police web site or the Canadian Red Cross web site for more information on water safety tips and best practices. It could save a life.

Livin’ easy in the summertime might also include cruising around town with the car windows open or the top down to make the most of the summer air. The temptation to leave everything opened up after you’ve parked can be hard to resist but it’s worthwhile taking the extra time to lock it all up. City-wide, thefts from vehicles top the crime list. This doesn’t mean you can forget about break and enters, also a favourite. If you’re doing repairs to your house, don’t forget to put the ladder and tools away when they’re not in use.

Whatever your plans for the summer, play it safe!

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