August 30, 2018: Summer’s End Pyjama Party.

August 30, 2018: Summer’s End Pyjama Party.

By Anna Borris.

Every year, just before school started, someone in our group had a pyjama party. It started off as an evening party and included a few boys who were our friends. Later, when they’d gone home, the pyjama portion went into full swing.

The year the party was at my house we had only one “incident.” Emotional Heather had a meltdown over some perceived insult and spent half an hour sulking and crying on the porch before we coaxed her back inside. Heather and her drama moved to Calgary that winter and our classmate Sharon volunteered to be the host the next year.

Karen and I, of course, had to do some shopping for party snacks. We headed to Loblaws for a large bag of our favourite Humpty Dumpty chips, and some Cheezies. Then, a carton of mixed Pure Spring soft drinks was added to our cart; two Swiss Cream Sodas, two Minted Grapes and two Honee Orange – my all time favourite. We carried our bags the short distance over to Sharon’s house and left them in the laneway.

After an early supper, my dad drove me back to Sharon’s with my sleeping bag, records, pyjamas, and a small zippered case full of experimental makeup and hair accessories. Sharon’s dad opened the garage door and looking worried when three of our frineds arrived at the same time, muttered “I hope you’re not all thinking of moving in..

We left all our stuff in the garage and brought our records and snacks down to the rec room to get the party started. The boys arrived in a group, bringing more chips, pretzels and a big bag of caramel corn.

Soon the basement was rocking with the Beach Boys “Surfin’ Safari”, Bobby Vee, “Take Good Care of My Baby”, Elvis’ “Blue Hawaii” album and Chubby Checker’s “Limbo Rock”, which naturally turned into a limbo contest. Most of the uncoordinated boys were too tall and fell flat on their backs. In the middle of the chaos, Sharon’s mom appeared with a pan of Rice Krispie squares which we fell upon like starving hordes.

After the boys left we broke out the beauty products. Sharon did Judy’s makeup which made her look like Cleopatra with her black bangs and wide cats eyes. When Karen finished my makeover, erasing my freckles, I had tiny red lips, thin black eyebrows and a pale face like a geisha. “This is the perfect makeup for Halloween, I love it!” I told her. The other girls were turned into Joan Crawford with thick black eyebrows and Marilyn Monroe with her distinguishing black beauty mark. Sharon’s beautiful long red hair and delicate features made her a shoo-in for Ann Margret.

Gradually we ran out of steam and curled up on the various couches, chairs or the floor giggling and gossiping. One by one as we faded into sleep, our party came to an end. This last party of the summer meant that school was next, but we could look forward to the Ottawa Ex which was just around the corner.

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