This is the blog format of articles published by Newswest of Ottawa, Canada for 2018 onwards. Newswest is an independent incorporated non-profit all volunteer community newspaper supported by a few local sponsorships. It currently appears in print 12 times a year at the back of Kitchissippi Times. Some articles that don’t make it into the print space will find an exclusive home in this blog.

Our Aim;
This blog and the previous blog ( http://www.newswest,org/easyread 2009-2017), are provided to form an alternate format to the print paper format. One aim of this project is to provide an easier to read alternate format. At the time of writing the Ontarians with Disabilites Act requirements would largely not apply to Newswest but in the spirit of service to the community we try anyway.

Our History;
Newswest began operations in October 1978 with the help of a jobs grant serving the Ottawa suburb of Westboro. Its coverage expanded to cover communities east of Westboro including Wellington West (Village), Civic Hospital and the western part of Hintonburg (Parkdale Avenue being the dividing line). In 1998 to fill a void Newswest expanded to cover all of Hintonburg and Mechanicsville, completing the coverage of what became Kitchissippi Ward plus a sliver of Bay Ward. Additionally Newswest has provided minimal coverage to parts of Carlington and the Central Experimental Farm. In 2003 when its print edition was at risk, Newswest entered into an agreement with relative newcomer Kitchissippi Times (a for-profit community paper) to share space in print. In return for exclusivity on advertising Kitchissippi Times sponsored Newswest to cover its expenses. That sponsorship ended at the beginning of 2018, and Newswest now has to seek other local individuals and businesses as sponsors. Newswest at the time of writing still appears at the back of Kitchissippi Times but in a much reduced space.

Our Sponsors;
To see who are our sponsors visit http://www.newswest.org/latest.html or read the join section on the main page at http://www.newswest.org . We also accept membership and sponsorship dollars from our readers and neighbours. Our Annual General Meetings are held normally in November. Normal board meetings are held 1 evening per month (see newswest.org for dates).

Our Policies;
Also on our main site are the Newswest policies concerning copyright, terms of use, accessibility and privacy.  Users of this blog should also review the policies of WordPress.com . Newswest does not target nor intend this blog to be of use to EU citizens nor to children outside of our neighbourhoods. Newswest is subject to the laws of Ontario Canada where it is incorporated. If you have any complaint or concern please communicate with our editor or board of directors.

Newswest submission deadlines for the print edition are available for download from our main site.

Blog Partnerships;
Newswest invites other Ottawa Canada users of wordpress to join this blog. We want to support and promote other relevant local blogs. Various volunteer opportunities with Newswest are also available.

Newswest thanks WordPress.com for making this space available on-line.

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